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Story of Doriya

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to change the world. She wanted to have an impact and become something greater than her imagination.
She had immense passion to help people and wanted to live a meaningful life, working for a cause and creating beautiful things. Her spirit was too wild to be tamed by the conventional ways of society. She had her own world waiting to be built.

Where there was no suffering but only creativity
Where beauty wasn’t perfection but the imperfection
The imperfection of human-hands, the human-touch
A touch of an organic, holistic and fulfilling life
A life creating a better world
A world that understood love and compassion.

Doriya is a fully sustainable fabric company. We specialize in high-end, eco-friendly and ethically produced fabrics. Serving designers and brands by providing them exclusive, high-end fabrics in wholesale with low minimums. 

Sourcing fabrics made with love and compassion
One-of-a-kind. Sustainable. Ethical. Empowering

Fabric Details

All of our fabrics are made in different parts of India, except a few hemp fabrics that are made sustainable and ethically in China.

Our fabrics have been produced with fair labour and everything is done ethically, many of our suppliers are verified fair trade. Most of our fabrics are certified organic, meaning no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used in any stage, from growing to production. Certifications are mentioned below. 

Not only that but we also work with small to medium manufacturers. Some manufactures are small family run businesses as well. We support the art of hand-looms as much as possible, Some of our manufactures also provide skill training to women, we have some clusters that are run entirely by women. Some provide these trainings in areas where lives from many households were lost due to natural disasters.  
We exist to support organic farming, hand-looms, ethical practices and women empowerment, these are our very basic values. We not only strive to make the textile industry less harmful but we strive to bring positive environmental and social change through textiles and fashion.


As we work with a lot of small to medium manufactures, they hold different certifications according to what is financially and economically feasible for them.

Lotus, Banana, Bamboo, Corn, Soybean, Linen and some Hemp fabrics are certified organic by Ecological Plant Fiber Certification (EPFC- a certifying body in Asia).
Organic Cotton is certified by GOTS.
Peace silk bundle, the peace silk and cotton are certified organic by GOTS/OneCert International, they also have the “India Handloom” certification, which ensures that the product was made ethically and with good labour, social and environmental practices.
Mulberry peace silk, the manufacturer holds a patent for developing an Eco-Friendly method of manufacturing mulberry peace silk. These are not certified organic, as it’s a small family business. 

Doriya is not taking any fabric orders or selling swatches till further notice.