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Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to live in a different kind of a world.

With meaning in her eyes and beauty in her hands, she wanted to become something greater, something divine.
Her spirit, too wild to be tamed, there was a whole world waiting to be claimed.
Waiting for her to step into her game.

A new world..
where there was no suffering even when there was some pain

where beauty wasn’t perfection but the imperfection 
the imperfection of human-hands, the human-touch 
a touch of an organic, holistic and fulfilling life 
a life creating a better world 
a world that embodied love and offered compassion

a world we have imaged but never seen,

it was time to change this whole scene.


The creation of Doriya

Doriya is an online fabric company that sells high-end sustainable fabrics. 
Established in 2017 by Yashmeen Bajwa to offer sustainable luxury through fabrics that are as simple as the fiber and as complex as the weave.

With care for all beings and all that exits.
We bring you fabrics you'll love.

Offering them in retail and wholesale.

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A small business making small waves in a vast ocean of new possibilities.


A business operating with awareness, consciousness and holistic care for all. We take into consideration how our actions impact the environment, animals and people and we make sure it's a positive one. All three aspects are honoured and valued equally.

We want to build and sustain a respectful relationship with mother nature. Where we co-exist in harmony with everything that is.


True sustainability needs time, it requires patience. So we wait as nature brews its magic for us. As humans rest, laugh, cry, play, feel, think, connect and stare into the sky. Then we create, then we work. Maintaining a balance in and around us.

Less is more

Our focus in on quality and the art of this craft. We do not force the land to produce more than it can sustain. Quantity and availability of fabrics is dependent on the fiber harvest.

Balance is key

We do not destroy biodiversity by growing more and more of what is in demand. Trying to protect the animals, we do not pollute the earth with synthetic materials made with harmful chemicals. Trying to be natural, we do not use animals where their wellbeing is not the priority. No weaver or manufacturer is pressured to create more than what is possible to sustain a healthy work-life balance. It has to be a win-win-win for all three aspects.

Natural Resources

We work with people who respect and value all natural resources as we do. Biggest natural resource used in the fashion industry is water. Following practices are common among our manufacturers: Water treatment plants - recycling water, collecting rain water, only using the minimum that's needed and minimum to no wastage. We also focus on discovering crops and seeds that require the least amount of water to grow.


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